Our Story

Our Story


Crane KL is located at the four-storey Selangor Grocer’s Guild which exhibits a neoclassical facade complete with a curved baroque pediment on Jalan Sultan.

Owned by Puteh Beach Bar, Crane KL is operating on the ground and second floor. It boasts a menu of western Asian fusion with dishes such as Udon Masak Lemak and Ribeye Steaks with Kai lan with green pea mash. Catering to the more discerning palate, Crane KL will be serving higher end meat like wagyu cheeseburgers and steaks, they also have interesting snacks/small bites such as Nasi Lemak wonton, where all the condiments are packed into a wonton ball and served with homemade sambal on the side.

Up-Stairs Bar

A Fusion of Experience

On the ground level, where the restaurant is located, look for the simple mantelpiece painted white. It’s decorated with European columns but there are two Chinese characters that name it as the great hall.
Wanting to preserve the historical elements on the venue, there are antique furniture on display for avid history buffs and Instagrammes.

The all-day dining begins at 11.00am and closes at 12 midnight with the last order at 11.30pm
A breakfast menu will be offered on Sundays.

Walk up the stairs, you will see a magnificent chandelier and old photographs from a long forgotten era. Then you will come to Upstairs a hidden opulent 20s western orient inspired boudoir. Besides the food, this is also a craft cocktail bar. This is where you can get some hand-crafted alcoholic mixed drink made with fresh ingredients.