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I would like to thank the chefs that let us enjoy this amazing food without having to travel to Japan, China etc. I love this restaurant, and wish you guys many new creative projects, happy customers and joyful moments! East Asian cuisine includes Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, and Taiwanese food. Considering this is the most populated region of the world, it has many regional cuisines.

Amy Walker, New York

Hanging with my friends is always fun, and hanging at this restaurant is super exciting. We love the food and the atmosphere. It’s like you travel to Asia everytime you enter the restaurant! My favorite is the Ramen Noodle Soup, and of course I love sushi! While rice is common to most Asian cuisines, different varieties are popular in the various regions. Basmati rice, Jasmine rice and long-grain rice.

Lisa Jones, California

The food in this restaurant is always amazing. Fresh, exotic products turned into real masterpiece is a delight for kids and adults! Me and my family love going out and exploring asian food, and so far this has been the most wonderful experience. It’s tasty, it’s fresh and it’s affordable! If interested, common ingredients include rice, ginger, garlic, sesame seeds, chilies, dried onions, soy, and tofu.

Sam Kennedy, North Carolina

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